SKINDA Dermatology is among the most highly regarded dermatology clinic in Korea, specializing in medical skin care using highly advanced and unique protocols that are specifically tailored for each and individual skin condition.

Founded and established by Dr. REAL, it was all inspired by his deep passion towards higher knowledge. A born-perfectionist, Dr. REAL always strive to achieve better clinical results. He has never stopped learning and perfecting his protocols. Even after more than a decade of becoming a dermatologist, Dr. REAL was never satisfied with the results gained from conventional treatment methodology. Therefore, he keeps challenging himself to create what now comes up to be one of the most advanced protocols, the most effective and efficient in the field of cosmetic dermatology. And even now, DR. REAL protocols are still evolving and will only become better.


To be The No 1. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Clinic in Asia.


  • SKINDA will provide standarized cosmetic dermatology services in all major cities in Asia, starting from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • SKINDA will provide the most accurate diagnosis, the most appropriate treatment, and the most exact prognosis for each and individual patient.

  • SKINDA will provide all services and procedures within a reasonable price.

  • SKINDA will always provide a personalized treatment plan with real results.

SKINDA Dermatology

Dr. Lee Kyung Real, M.D., Ph.D.

Dermatology Specialist

SKINDA Dermatology Clinic

CEO of Korea Dermatology Research Institute

  • CHA University Medical College

  • Ajou University Engineering Graduate School

  • Professor of CHA University General Hospital, Department of Dermatology

  • Consulting Doctor of Gyeonggi Cosmetic Association

  • Consulting Doctor of Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Consulting Doctor of Syneron-Candela

  • Consulting Doctor of Fotona

  • Consulting Doctor and Co-Designer of Creative Ilooda

  • Board Member of Korea Dermatologist Association